Sunday, May 18, 2008

Half way home

Sorry for the long delay, but we have been pretty busy. Two weekends ago we had a good time at our weekly hash run. It was through a small town and of course through some local farms. It was a really hot day but the run crossed over some rivers making us cool ourselves off in the fresh Taiwan water (not sure how fresh or clean but still refreshing). The water did cool us off but made it alittle more dangerus because we were running on wet and sometimes slippery rocks. Allie and I had a safe run more than what I can say about another fellow hasher. One of our friends on the hash slipped and fell right in front of Allie and I and slit his chin right open. After drinking some beers after the run he went to the hospital and got three interial stiches and six outer stiches. He took a nice fall but got named for his pain, which being named means that you are truely excepted in the group. He was not alone in the naming that night. I was also named but for me it was alittle less painful. This weekends hash our friend that fell did not make it, he is still recovering. The run was about thirty minutes to the north of Taichung. It was another very hot day but no swimming this time. The run was set through some mountains so it was a very senic run with some beautiful views. The views don't come without some work, the run was straight up a mountain then straight down the mountain just to go back up another mountain. So the run was very had due to the heat and the trail. Allie and I did fairly well and finished strong to the end which was right after "a pick it yourself" peach farm. After a few hours waiting for some of the lost hashers to find their way, we went to a very good Thai resturant and refueled. The night ended with a few drinks at a local Spanish Bar and a little dance party at one of our favorite hang out spots.
Our last work week was not without some exciting or at least some new experiences. It was the first time that Allie or I had to go to the doctor's office. I felt fine but my right eye was really irratated and was turning red during work Monday night. That night I could not sleep because my eye hurt so bad. It felt like something was in it. Tuesday morning Allie and I went to see an eye doctor and with a national healthcare system here it only cost me five dollars, and no I didn't have to wait for five people to go ahead of me. The doctor shined a light in my eye and looked through some doctor's tool and asked if I had ridden a train lately. A reasonable question I guessed which I simply answered no. He then wheeled his chair around and pulled out a shot with a long needle on the end. I then thought maybe I should of answered yes. The problem with my eye was that I had small pieces of iron stuck into my eye some how. Well needless to say the only way to get them out was to dig the needle into my eye and take them out that way, and there were more than just two or three pieces. After looking at a needle go into my eye a few times and almost passing out, the doctor told me he was done and I was on my way to recovery. It did take two days and some medicated eye drops (which were free because of the national heathcare service) and I was feeling fine.
The days have been hot and look like it will just get hotter. We have no earthquakes like the ones in mainland China. So all is well and hopefully another post and more pictures will be on it's way soon.