Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reality sinks in

Alright I know it has been incredibly long. Taiwan ended in November and Jay and I had this unbelievable trip planned to Thailand and Cambodia. Of course it was the same time that Bangkok airport decieded to have about a 4 day protest that shut down the airport, so we had to cancel our entire trip and re-route it to Bali, INdonesia. I guess not a bad second, but for us we were very disapointed that we had to start our planning from scratch. We decieded in one day to go to INdonesia and departed the next day. So planning was non-existant. And we just went with the flow. I will just hit on the highlights of our 2 week journey. We went to an amazing place named Gili Islands, which consited of 3 tiny islands about a mile long each. Very primitive and hippy. Jay recieved his scuba licence I got my advanced divers. It was unbelievable. We loved Gili Islands and recommend it, maybe not so much Bali though, a little too touristy for us. Anyways our trip was great. We then returned home enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. I lucked out and got a interim position at the high school I went to in Black Mountain, teaching history for 2 months it was great but it ended. Now I am the distance track coach at Reynolds High SChool in ASheville. It is wonderful. Jay hasn't been so lucky with the jobs because of the crappy economy. But we have taken the GRE and plan to go to Western Carolina University in the fall to begin our masters. Then once that is completed we will be heading overseas yet again. We can't get enough of it and miss it terribly already. WE reallly do miss Taiwan and hope to see our friends again there sometime.