Monday, June 2, 2008

The Musical Rollercoaster

These past two weekends have had a music festival theme. We have traded our running shoes in for flip flops. Two weekends ago there was a music festival here in Taichung. A lot of western resturants and magazines put it on and it was really fun. The music was all western bands, the food was western food, and the beer was right off the tap and it was not the normal Taiwan Beer but good hoppy beer like we are used to from back home. It was really nice to sit in the grass with friends and listen to good music and just relax.
This past weekend there was no hash going on and we had plans to drive to a mountain city called Puli you might have heard about it if you are a regular reader of the blog, it is right near Sun Moon Lake. This time we didn't take the bus but we jumped on the scooter and rode through small mountain roads. We went with four other people so we had alittle scooter convoy with us. All last week it has been raining a lot, and it didn't change for our ride out. It was rainy and cold which didn't stop us. We put on our rain gear on and tuffed it out. When we got to the music festival we were almost surprised that it was still going on with all the rain. There were other people that braved the weather like us and set up camp, so we joined in and made the best of the weather. THe top of the mountain is owned by a foreigner who takes people paragliding. unfortunately the weather was bad so no flying for this weekend but we will definately go back to try that out. By the time the music started we had our camp site up and were too wet to worry about the rain. We just enjoyed the music, food, and the company. Everyone was really relaxed and had a good time. Lots of mud rolling, dancing. It was a complete hippiefest. The music didn't stop until late in the night. The next morning we rose to a nice view of the city Puli and some people that didn't make it back to there tent and were just sleeping in the grass. On our trip up to the festival our scooter had suffered a nail through the back tire (which it was not leaking any air but for caution we need a new tire) and also one of our friends that rode up with us had a flat tired. We heard of a scooter shop that is open on Sunday which is really rare. The scooter shop even makes house calls. An hour after calling them they were up the top of the mountian and had about five tires to choose from. A thousand NT later (about 30.41 US dollars) we had a new tire and were ready for our trip back. The ride back didn't have the rain but the energy was a little low because everyone was so tired from the night before. After making it back home we washed all the mud off of ourselves and rested our rears and had an easy evening.
The past work week has been a real rollarcoaster affair. We have been missing home since it is right the middle of our year contract. Feeling like time has stopped, and not sure if we can make it another six months. We got some really good news that both Allie and I will be going to Singapore for HESS's summer camp. Which we get a free trip to Singapore with a group of kids that we teach and take around to see the sites of Singapore. We weren't going the same time I would be going first which is on July 13th and coming back on July 20th, Allie would go Aug. 10th and get back Aug. 17th. The next day we get a call from the head guy in charge of the summer camp and informs Allie that the camp she will go with does not have enough kids so they are cancelling it. So Allie was really down and sad that she won't be able to go. The next day the person in charge of here school comes to her and tells her that she will be going just earlier. So now she would go July 7th through July 13th so now she feels really excited again, we are both happy and excited. I received an e-mail about sending my information so that they can book my tickets and training, but Allie never received her e-mail. When I faxed my information I called the guy in charge of the summer camp and asked about Allie. He said he was still waiting to hear from Allie's boss about if she could go during that time. So the next day Allie asked her boss about going. The same person that told Allie that she would be going, and she said that they aren't sure if she will go because she will be going home a week after the summer camp and that another teacher will be on vacation during that time too. So with in two days the same person told her two different things. We found out this past Monday that Allie won't be able to go to the Singapore summer camp. This time we are just down about her not going but now we feel like we have just been played like pawns in some kind of game. I will still be going which I am very excited but for the head ache that they caused with Allie it does not make it feel as sweet. This week has started like the last week raining and full of bad news. Lets just hope the sun comes out and shines on us again.


Paul said...

Keep your heads up. Your trip to the music festival sounds like a blast. The summer camp adventure sounds like a blast and a head ache for what you had to go through with messed up info. Never a good thing, but i'm sure everything will work out for the better. Enjoy your adventure while you're there. You'll miss the traveling once your home. Best wishes to both of you. See you in the near future.

growingfreely said...

love yall. i love that you were able to catch the musical festival! yeah! can't wait to do more of that when you both return. i'm thinking about yall and sending goodness all the way over the ocean! keep on truckin' :)