Thursday, July 3, 2008

Allie went to Ali Mountain

This past week I voluteered to do a 4 day summer camp at Alishan also known as Ali Mountain at an aboriginal village and a very small elementary school. I went with 4 other Taiwanese "teachers" not really teachers. We left on Monday and it took about 3 and half hours. But when we stepped out of the car the weather was amazing. I have been so hot in Taichung and now I needed a jacket. It was a great feeling. We didn't do any teaching the first day just going to look at the miniture school in this small little village. There are only 40 students who go to the entire elementary school and 30 of them were going to come to our camp. The next day was early and filled with fun with the kids. These children didn't know any English and most of them didn't have English names so I had to give them to them... I proceeded to name some Hank, Iris, Teddy, I tried to make them sound close to their Chinese name. They were all so cute and so excited that we were there. We spent the entire day with them mainly playing games and teaching them some English which was a difficult thing since the things I was told to teach were extremely advanced for their level. But we all had fun anyways. The next day was full as well and tiring I had a lot of teaching to do that day. The last morning we woke up at 3:30 am to see the famous sunrise at Ali Mountain. We had to take a train to the top and waited for an amazing sight it was well worth the lack of sleep. Thursday was our last day and so we had a small performance with the kids and we gave out awards and went back to hot Taichung in the afternoon. I am adding a lot of pictures for this entry because I think the pictures tell the most. Hope you enjoy it.

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hbrodell said...

Happy Anniversary!
Sounds like the camp was great, the pictures tell alot. Love reading the blogs, makes me feel connected. Am sitting with Grandad Bugh, he says hi. He is doing well. Keep safe and keep writing. Love Aunt Holly