Monday, September 10, 2007

The Graduate

This weekend was our feista for our graduation, which was a blast. We went to our weekly salsa lesson from 5-7 on Saturday, which was great. We are really getting pretty good at it. We learned a dip and some more spins and all these complicating things that have Spanish names that I have forgotten. I think Antonio our instructor is fairly impressed with us gringos. Our party started at 9 pm which really means about 10 pm for the locals but of course us Americans were there about 15 minutes early, we didn't want to miss our on the free Mohitos. We played some pool and as the night got longer and we drank more then the dancing started to come out. Jay and I actually were somewhat of the center of attention, which is unusual if you are aware of my dancing skills. Jay is very good of course and made me look a lot better than I was. We had a small graduation ceremony were we got a letter saying that we will graduate, since we have not technically graduated yet. That will be tomorrow, which is our last day of class. We have a paper and lesson plans still to turn in. After the party I convinced Jay to extend the night to a club called Mythology that all of the English teachers were heading to. We tagged along and witnessed some interesting things from the teachers. Such as one of our people getting on the bar and taking off his shirt. Very interesting!! Jay and I left soon after that, although I was trying to convince him further to take his turn on the bar but for some reason he refused. Who knows?? This was definitely the latest night we have had thus far, we actually stayed up until 2am. The next day was a different story, maybe too many mohitos. It is amazing how fast this whole experience has gone by. We have less than 2 weeks left. And we are slowly making the list of all the things we want to eat when we get back. These next two weeks are jammed packed with Lake Titicacca and a 5 day hike. Nosotros lo adoramos aquí pero somos emocionados muy ver todos cuando volvemos. Y si usted puede leer esto, nosotros adoramos a personas para escribir en nuestro Guestbook, así que se sienten por favor libre.


Anna said...

hey al, My question is why did you not get up on the bar and take your shirt off... i am a reference of how good you are at that! haha, cant wait to see you both!

Karen Keever said...

I really liked the picture of the chicken lady, the party looked fun. Can you guess who Leslie and I both voted for, without getting together on it. No votes for Hong Kong? interesting. Love, Allie's Mom

Julie said...

Goodness - I'm sure you both are enjoying every bit of this trip. Jay, Anna said you should have gotten on the bar without your shirt, you would have made your wife proud! Oh well - we have certainly enjoyed the pictures, if you and Allie 'land' back in South America, I really think I'd love to see that part of the world, you have some beautiful pictures that represent basic life. Good luck with your next 'mini adventure' - Allie you'll have to translate your last paragraph:) Take care of yourselves - Love, MOM