Thursday, September 6, 2007

The World of English Teaching

This is our last full week of TEFL class, we have been teaching 1 hour a day. Teaching English as a foreign language is very different than teaching regular subjects. The goal of a teacher in this situation is to talk the least amount of time and have the students talk as much as possible, of course this is because the students need to practice their English. In a regular subject class you are trying to get your students to shut up so this is much different and much more rewarding. They want to learn, but we find it difficult to elicit certain words without explaining. We have to act out a lot of vocabulary and draw pictures, our drawing skills need some improvement. Jay has made a friend with one of his student, Jesus, and last night we went to his house and had some queso empanandas and hot chocolate which was amazing. His girlfriend and him were incredibly friendly and welcoming (something you don't really find in the States, unfortunately) We have been invited for a traditional dinner sometime next week, which I am sure it is going to be amazing. I think he is making something like gallina (hen) and potatoes, rice (which is in every meal here) Tomorrow is Jay and I 2 month anniversary so we plan on going out. Saturday is our graduation party for finishing our course. The party is supposed to be legendary so we are expecting to have a great time, free food and drinks consisting of sangria, screwdrivers, mohitos, and beer. We are looking forward to the 2 weeks to come. We believe we have decided on Taiwan for our next teaching experience, hopefully it will work out.

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