Thursday, November 29, 2007

KTV: the ultimate past time in Taiwan

Well we have finished our time in Taipei and all of our training. Wow what a long 9 days. We had a little graduation party up in the penthouse of the Hess main ofice where the owner has a party slab, very sleak and up class. We had a nice time with good food and wine. Jay and I both got awards out of about 25 people and only about 5 got awards, so we felt pretty special. I think they really like us. That night as our last time all together we all went to KTV which is Karaoke. Oh wow they know how to do it here . It was about a 15 story building and it was kind of like a hotel. You rent a room and then they take you up. So we had our own private room with plasma TV, bar and 3 mics. WE had a blast. Althought they are sort of stuck in the 80s with their music it was still really fun. The next morning about 12 of us were picked up and taken to Taichung, which took about 2 hours. The country side was really green and nice when we drove through. WE came here and the rain stopped and the sun was out. We already like it so much better than Taipei and we actually liked Taipei We all arrived at our really nice hotel which Jay and I are on the top floor of a 19 story building. It has an amazing view. They took us out to a really nice dinner and then we went apartment shopping. It was fun. We found one place that we really like but we are going to look again today to make sure and we will let you know with our decision and some pictures of the apartment. I think we will probably move in tomorrow. We start teaching on Monday which is good we can kind of get settled in. Our schedules are not that bad. I am at Feng Chi Branch and Jay is working at Ken Su branch and my branch. The are only about 10 minute scooter ride away. We are going to be gettign a scooter soon which will be fun. I will have to learn that. We already met some some people that we will be working with and they are so helpful and nice. We are so excited to finally get settled in somewhere. We will write more later when we have things a little more organized.


Julie said...

Settled???? You mean you are going to settle!!! That is wonderful news. I'm glad the sun came out when you arrived - must be good 'karma'. Looking forward to hearing about the new city and teaching. Love, MOM

Anna said...

Hey guys... glad things are going well. I look forward to seeing pictures of the apartment. I am imagining something very authentic with beds and tables on the floor! I am excited to hear about all your teaching experiences. I have been looking at plane tickets, there are some really good prices... so I am getting really excited. Glad you guys are getting into the groove of things.. talk to you soon!