Monday, December 10, 2007

We bought a computer...the blog is back in action!!!

Sorry it has been so long since we have last written on the blog but it has been a very busy time. I promise the blog will not go this long again without an entry. We are now living in Taichung(pronounced Taijung) We really like it. It is still a very large city but it is so spread out that you don't really notice how large it really is. WE are only about a 10 minute scooter ride away from the downtown area. There is so much to do around here. If we want to get out of the city and into the mountains is only takes about 30 minutes on a scooter and then to get to the coast in about the same amount of time. We got an apartment which has a living room, study room, very big bedroom, a very large kitchen (Taiwans standards..most kitchens are non-existent) our bathroom is awesom...most bathrooms in Taiwan have a single shower head in the middle of the bathroom, right next to the toilet. no shower curtain..only a drain in the middle of the bathroom....we fortunately found a regualr bathroom with a great tub but thats ok. We have a large deck and access to the roof since we are on the top floor of a 5 story building. We live on a nice quite street but still close to everything. Teaching is going really well. It was really tough at first but I think Jay and I are really getting the hang of it. I think the other teachers are impressed with us. THe kids are sooooo smart. We teach a class for two hours and w'e have only 2 classes a day but I think we are going to start picking up more. WE teach from 4:30 to 9pm. We have from about 7-14 year olds. It is amazing how much school these kids go to. They have regular school from 8 to 3 and then the go to cram school...for example a 9 year old will go to regular school then to a science cram class..chemistry...physics...and then to french class and then they might come to us for English class. So, we try to make it as fun as humanly possible. THe kids are so cute and they are sooooo smart. Some of the kids have the craziest names. Since they come to English class they don't have an English name, so they either name themselves of the teachers name them. Some of the more common names are, Yo Yo, Apple, Rock, Luck, Winner, and the 0n some of the not so popular names but still crazy, Pizza (because everyone loves Pizza he says, Godspeed we will update you on some of the others we hear. When we teach we have a CT (Chinese Teacher) in the classroom with us..they can help us out on making sure we get to all the kids. We teach a range from about 12 students to 22 students. Today we subed a junior high class and a public school. WE really enjoyed it and I think we might try and do that more often.
SCOOTER TIME... oh wow we have joined the dangerous yet fun world of scooters. Taiwan is the largest manufacturer of scooters in the world. It really is the only way to get around. We got one scooter but I think eventually we will get another because I can see Jay and I fighting over who gets to drive. You really have to be careful. We plan on taking scooter trips around the island which I think would be great and so much cheaper.


Anna said...

Hey guys! so glad to see some more pics.. is that Jay on that scooter? I am guessing that allie gets most of the driving time. You should put up some pics of the actual apartment, I am very interested. Hope to hear from you soon!

Whit & Lindsay said...

Hey Jay and Allie. So glad you are in Asia. We're practically neighbors!! Sounds like your experience is very similar to ours!
We should plan to meet up soon. I think we are planning to travel to China at the end of January. Do you guys have any travel plans yet?