Monday, December 17, 2007

I am here too.

For all those people that might of thought Allie was just making up stories with me in them and photo shopping me into the pictures, well you are wrong. I am here and am sorry that I have not written on the blog as much. Allie is just a better writter and since people love to correct English teacher's grammar structures I just thought, 'keep the writing to the professional teacher.' Which I am becoming more and more a professional teacher other than a retirement specialist. I do love teaching with so many great kids from all different ages, it make everyday a challenge and a joy. For every crazy kid that would rather sit, lay, or just hide under their desk there are ten kids that would do anything for a high five.

Enough of just me. Allie and I have been trying to make Taichung feel more like home. Which we find hard because normaly during this time of year we would be spending a great deal of time with our families. So, we do miss our families and friends a great deal, and wish everyone a happy holiday! But today we took a big step to make us feel more at home..... we joined a gym. So sorry to all the people that thought we should of bought a refridgerator first. Allie and I are members to "The World's Gym" which is just like any gym in the States, it has all the weights, mechians that anyone could want, and a pool. So for Allie and I, Christmas came a little early. Today was also a good day because we made friends with the trash lady. I know earlier I was yelled at by the trash lady but today (which was recycling day) we took our trash out, when we got done, she said thank you, not in Chiniese but in English! (This is Allie now because Jay writes to slow and I have to correct too many spelling errors) The trash process is very interesting here. For Monday, Wed, Fri, Sat..we take our regular trash, its not like back home where you just leave it out and they pick it up. You actually have to be there when it is trash time, which for us is 12:30. The garbage truck has music that goes along with it. It sounds like an icecream truck...with the Fir Elise song. I can't imagine how annoying that would get to the poor person who has to drive that truck. Anyways, when we hear the music we have to run down to the street and throw our trash in it... the problem with that is you might hear it and it would actaully be 2 streets down (Thats how loud it is) Anyways we have had many false alarms ...of running down the stairs and then waiting for 20 minutes for it to actaully get to us. On Tuesday's and is recycling day and the garbage truck has different music...I haven't seemed to have identified the tune yet but I will get back to you.

This weekend we went to the National Science Museum in Taichung and it was awesome, botanical gardens, dinasaur exhibit, Chinese history, medicine, evolution of human life are some pictures.

Another success of the the day was...after we got done with teaching at about 10pm we went out for dinner. WE have this one Japanese place down the street from our apartment that we have dined at for 3 meals now. They cook in front of you and the States' Japanese restuarants have nothing on these guys. WOW the food is awesome. Anyways this was our third time at this place and we exchanged some Chinese for teaching the cook some English. It was a lot of fun and he bought us both a coke. I think that will definately be a regular place. THey love us...before we even got off our scooter they had our place sat and they were already fixing our food. We are working on obtaining Gwanshi there, which means we both have good 'face'..which means we have an extremely great relationship ...Face is something that the Taiwanes call a great friendship. and high respect....that is the first step gaining face...Relationships is the most important thing in Taiwanese culture. So, if you have good face... the 2nd step is keeping that face and doing things for that person..then you might gain Gwanshi which is like the ultimate face and the best relationship of all...this is where you might get things for free or have them do things for you and help you out that probably no Westerner would even consider doing for someone. It is interesting to compare the priorities of WEstern lifestyle and Taiwanese lifestyle. For Westerners I think the order of most importance is...1. Law 2 Logic 3 Relationships
For Taiwanese 1. Relationship 2 Law 3. Logic And because of this it changes more things that you can imagine..

Each day we are feeling more confitable and making Thaichung more like home. We can't wait to work out tomorrow. Here are some pictures of our apartment.

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Hannah Shafran said...

Hi Jay and Allie!!

SOrry it has taken so long to write you a note! IT sounds like you are both having an amazing time in Taiwan!!! That culture is SO different than here, so i hope you both bring lots of stories back!! I ALSO hope that your apartment and scooter work out for you!! hAHA....keep us updated on the hilarity of the scooter dogs...

NC is the same as always, same unpredictable weather, predictable food, and people who go to tanning beds to GET tan haha...basically a whole lot of cultural trash ;)...SO glad you guys are expanding your horizons, i'm still so envious!!! Keep in touch and take lots of pictures!!!!



p.s. thanks again for having me at the wedding, it was beautiful and an event i'll never forget!! xoxo