Thursday, September 11, 2008

Going with the flow as usual.

Well lots of time has past and it is running down to the end of our Taiwan adventures. Sorry we have been so slack with the blog. There just hasn't been too many exciting things happening... The next couple of months will be different. But right now we have just been trying to work a lot and make lots of money for our trip to Thailand. Jay was a sub for a kindergarten class for 3 weeks and his kids were so cute. I think he would be a great elementary teacher and lately we have been discussing what he would like to do when we go back to the States. Maybe get his teaching certificate. But life has been good. We have been pathetically trying to train for a marathon that we are doing in November and this weekend we have a half marathon that help us see where we stand in our training. Typhoon season is still underway just as hurricane season is on your side of the world. We are expecting one in a day and you can already feel the winds when you drive your scooter. We have some good things that are coming up that we are excited about. We will be going to Orchid Island in the beginning of October for a long weekend. It is a small island south east of Taiwan.. where hopefully we can do some scuba diving. Septmeber is pretty stagnant for us and we can't wait till October rolls around. Oh the other day Jay and I went to gym like we always do and for the entire year I keep asking Jay to weigh himself just out of curiousity and finally he did last week and it was shocking. He was lost around a total of 20 pounds since he has been here. THe funny thing is we both didn't really even notice. But he is in really good shape so don't worry he definately eats a lot. I can't really say the same for me I am actaully a little jealous... I can't seem to loose more than a pound or 2. Well other than training for our race we are just working and trying to spend as much time with the people we really became close to and like here before we head back to the real world. I think Jay and I are both a little worried about the transition back home.... I know we will be excited to see family and friends but we have come to really like this lifestyle who knows how long we will last in the real world of North Carolina. Well again sorry for such a delay and I will try not to let that happen again. I promise I will have a report after our half marathon this weekend.

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