Monday, August 18, 2008

Dress to impress in a Red Dress

Ni Hao..... Hello ...Well two weeks have gone by..... last weekend we accomplished another hash... and I would have to say it was the best one Jay and I have done. It was about an hour north of Taichung and we ran for about 2 hours..... But the fun thing was. Is that it included jumping of a small rock face into water and then proceeding to swim through a very narrow gorge with now way out but to swim through. It was great and both Jay and I were the first people in. Jay has been trying to be the first one for a while. So he was really happy especially on a pretty strenuous hash. Last week Jay started to teach a kindergarten class last week and he will be doing in for a month. He seems to really be enjoying it... I think that is partly because he is somewhat still a kindergartener himself. CLasses are going well. Here are some pictures of one of my classes and the performance. We did a little play called the Caterpillars Voice.... and they were all different animals.... so very cute.

THis past weekend we had another hash but it was a little different. We had a red dress run and I will explain some.... It started later and it was more of a pub crawl. We had to all dress in red dresses , yes including the men so I have good pictures of Jay in his mini skirt.... What is frusterating I think he wears a size smaller than I do.... that little booty of his. We had a blast.... Enjoying new places to eat and drink and looking a fool running around Taichung. I felt like I was in a parade. We enjoyed some accoustic music at the end of the run....This are going well. And we are reallyy excited about the last 3 and a half months here in Taiwan. We are really enjoying ourselved and trying to pack lots in that we haven't seen or done yet. We have been enoying watching the Olympics a lot just as most of you have. Although the sports that are most televised here are badminton, table tennis, and taekwondo. But I still enjoy watching them all. Me and Jay have definately decieded to go to Vancouver for the winter olympics in 2 years and London in 4....... Zia Jian...... See you later

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Paul said...

Looks like a blast. Glad to hear you're enjoying everything! Best wishes