Thursday, March 20, 2008

Becoming a Legal Driver

This Wednesday, Allie, I, another teacher named Brian, and one of our Chinese Teachers named Kevin went to the DMV to try and get our scooter lincense. Kevin came along to help figure things out for us since nobody there spoke English. First we had to walk across the street of the DMV to get a sheet of paper from a doctor (or man in a white jacket) that said we could bend down and come back up and also squeeze our hands together. The first part was easy, now the fun starts.

We go back into the DMV to pay some money before we take a written test. There is a English version which some of the questions were lost in transalation (which means take a guess). Before we started Brian could not take the test because something was not right on his visa and he had to also bring his passport also before he could take the test. So one person down two still remaining. While waiting to take the test I somehow figured a way to break the water dispenser. I pressed the button for cold water but the water would not stop coming out. After drink as much water as I could I went for help and got Kevin. He asked which button I pushed. Of course the button that I pushed had a big sign that read "do not push me" just in Chinese, so one of the DMV ladies help to turn off the machine, and gave me one of those looks that you got from your mom when you were like four or five.
Allie and I finally went in a room to take your written test. These test questions are not easy. The first part is signs. Which none of the signs are the same as in the states. My favorite sign question was the normal square sign with only chinese characters on it..... for Allie and I that meant just take a guess. I did study the signs for about an hour the night before. After the signs then it was just random true and false and multible choice. Here are some examples
A huge motorbikes (50cc and above) which are 5 years old should.... A) be inspected annually B) don't have to be inspected C) should be inspected twice a year
answer B. I don't know how that has to do with driving.
If blood continuously gushes out, this means A) vein blooding B) capillary blooding C) artery blooding.
Answer C. I don't even think the doctor next to the DMV would know that one.
When you have doubt toward local judgment of accident responsibility A) you have to obey it anyway B) you can apply for another judgment C) sue the local judgment.
Answer B
So there are some questions that are not lost in translation but are weird questions for a driving exam. Allie finished first and left with a good laugh. I finished right behind her with a score of 85 which I am proud of. Allie scored two more questions wrong and got a 77 but not passing. My full proof plan of "eeni meeni mini mo" I guessed worked. So two down one to go.
Next was a driving test. The first test is to drive 10 meters in over 7 secounds which tests your slow driving skills. You have to do this without touching the sides of about one foot path. We practiced this before we went to the DMV and all three of us could do it about 1 in every 4 tries. You only get two chances. I had a lot of pressure with about 15 on lookers around plus our group. I got through it on my first try which was amazing. Then without stopping you have to drive around a fake city with stop lights and pededstrian crossing which goes off right when you get about 5 feet from it. Kevin almost got kicked out because he top me to stop in English and the people working there told him to be quiet and he could not help me. I passed and went to the parking lot which I put the kick stand down and turned away from the bike and right then the bike feel over if the test people saw that it would of been a automatic fail, but luckly I was too far away.
So to make a long story short, I got my drivers license so know if I get into another wreck or get pulled over by random I won't have to pay a large fine. Allie will go back in two weeks to try her hand at it again. We are looking forward to another hash run this Saturday and picking up Anna from the airport in Taipei. Next week will be a lot of fun showing Anna around. We have it all planned out.


Anonymous said...
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Paul said...

Sounds like a fun test:)

Julie said...

Goodness - Jay you are just lucky!!! Allie - relax you'll do it next time. One question - Have you been driving your scooter without a license up until now??? Jay and Allie - I worry about you two - Allie get legal - Love, MOM

Anonymous said...
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