Friday, March 28, 2008

Visit from home

Well we have just finished a week with a visit from Anna my best friend from back home. Before she came of course we started off the week with the Hash run... it kicked our butt.. it was a 12k run with the usual hillyness/mountains. She arrived on Sunday evening and left today Saturday..... A fairly short trip but of course she came to visit me and Jay so we tried to cram as much things into 6 days as we could. It was nice getting a little reminder of back home exspecially the southern drawl... her accent was very noticible to our South African and British friends. They were quite entertained by her and she them. Anyways she arrived in Taipei on Sunday and of course Jay and I can never do anything right so we were late picking her up by about 20 minutes because our bus was rediculously slow. After I almost had a nervouse breakdown and leaving my best friend stranded in the airport I was pleasantly surprised how put together Anna was.. she wasn't panicking at all... I have taught her to be a very good traveler..... unfortunately I think she has taken all the traveling genes from me and now I am the nervous one. In the past I have taken Anna to Cozumel, Cancun, Amersterdam, Brussels, and Paris...... so coming to Taiwan should be no problem. That night I took her to snake alley and Longshan Temple, which all of you have heard about many times so I won't go into anymore detail. The next day we went to the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial and Taipei 101 before heading south the Taichung where unfortunately Jay and I both had to work. We had to work all week but I called in sick on Thursday to hang out with her a little more. The week consisted of going to the night market multiple times so that Anna could spend as much money as possible and me being very jealous because Jay and I are on a very tight budget, we ate all different food, Anna and I went on a hike outside of the city, scooter driving. On Wednesday night we had a get together at our apartment our first one since we have moved in, we bought a barbecue that looks like a baseball and had a roof party, we had a good amount of people show up and we all had a really nice time.. eating and drinking. One day also Anna and I went to a salon to get our head shampoed it was called the "better shampoo" We had our head washed and massaged for about 20 minutes and then they styled it for us.... probably one of the highlights of her trip and it only cost 200NT which is about $6 and they spent at least 45 minutes on us. It was great to have her come visit and I think she had a fairly good time.... I think Jay and I are going to have a relaxing week because we have next weekend off for Tomb Sweeping Day and we need time to prepare for our next adventure, who knows where we will go this time.


Anna said...

I had so much fun that I can not even begin to tell you... You guys are great hosts! I hate I only got a short time there. Miss you guys already!

Anonymous said...
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