Sunday, March 16, 2008

Back into the groove

Getting back into our normal schedual of working, and hanging around Taichung. Allie and I both had a pretty busy week of teaching and trainings that went on, but we still had a good time. My highlite of the week was my one and a half hour hair cut. I went to just a normal hair place, not the cheap looking barber shop but not a fancy place. After they washed my hair they started cutting it extremly carefully and slowly. The lady was very good, plus the three other employees that watched her every move behind her taking notes. It was extremly weird to have three people watching your hair cut so closely. One of them would brush the hair out of my face with one of those brushes like a hair dusters thing ( I really don't know the name sorry). The hair cut took three times as long as any hair cut I had ever had, and I walked out of there looking like a local. My hair was combed down in the front and the back was spiked up like a peacock. Allie got a good kick out of it and so did everyone else that walked by.

We got back into our Chinese class which it seems like we missed a lot. The week went as any other normal week. This weekend we went to Sun Moon Lake for the second time. This time it was a free trip that our school put on for their employees. We left Saturday afternoon, first stopping in Puli ( a well sized city). It is best known for it's famous brewery of rice wine and chew (a cross between wine and whisky really not good). The place was real big and for some reason there was nothing looking like a brewery that we could find, who would of thought.

(Allie here...jay writes too slow) We got to our nice hotel that was walking distance to the lake but in the woods far enough to feel distance from the action. The action was a great abiriganal ballet show. We went to the sow that night carrying lanterns which was really cool and of course about 10 of us foreigners were brought on stage.. jay and I included... in front of about 1000 people and made fools of. They told us to pretend we were part of the ballet.... bad idea.... but at least the crowd seemed to get a good laugh out of it.

The next day consisted of the Hess group heading to an aboriginal amuesment park...equivilant to something you might see in Cherokee... just like they have tribal stuff and then a casino here they have tribal stuff and then an amusement park.... It was a beautiful day and we got to enjoy a lot of nice rides... roller coaster.... water rides... and what not.... Then it was back to Taichung to get ready for our long week of teaching. Jay and I went to see the Kite Runner very good movie by the way but of course a little disturbing now I am in the process of reading the book which Jay has already finished. On Monday we had our 3 month training for work..... which was a waste of our time since we don't get paid for it. Very frusterating. Oh and I found out this week...that a drink that I love here called Pearl Milk Tea or Bubble Milk Tea... which is milk and tea and these little ball things at the bottom is approximately 1200 calories.... needless to say I am not drinking that for a very long time...... Classes have been good and Jay and I are waiting for the arrival of my best friend Anna on Sunday she will be here for a week. Good times.... Well we will report back later.... Keep reading the blog and hope you enjoy the pictures.


Julie said...

Those plants are beautiful. I'm looking closely at the 'petunias' are they growing as a bush! The haircut - well Jay I think it looked stylish for that side of the world. Love you, miss you - Although your 'adventure' is an experience - Love, MOM - Dad misses 'ya'll's' golf game... :)

askgreg said...

Cool looking brewery. I was expecting huge wooden barrels, those pots look pretty cool.

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