Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Experts of Cusco

We have been here now for 4 days and we already feel like experts, things are great. We actaully start our class today, finally and have a city tour so therefor our expertise of this ancient city will improve after today....We walk approximately 4 to 8 miles a day on average, but then we eat really good for extremely cheap. Yesterday we ate at a place (very local place) Jay got Lamb that cost about $3 which would of cost about $30 in the states, but let me tell you he was def about to order something else until I pulled out my food dictionary and found out what Jay was trying to order called ubre was actaully cow utters, I don´t think he wanted that I should of told him afterwards and let him eat the whole thing, we had a great laugh over that. Yesterday we experienced the local market by our apartment which was fabulous. Goat head (sorry mom), meat hanging everywhere, chickens, and this is all in an outdoor market. But we bought some wonderful things and had a great meal that Jay of course cooked. Things are going very well and we practice our Spanish every day, so hopefully we can come back somewhat bilingual and Jay will hopefully know a few words, haha. We try and post pictures later on this afternoon, hopefully it will work, miss you all, hasta luego (see you later) -Allie and Jay

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Anna said...

MMM... cow utters, yummy! Come on Jay, where is your sense of culinary adventure? Haha... miss you allie