Sunday, August 12, 2007

Our Cuzco adventure begins

Allie and I made it to Cuzco very smoothly. Our private apartment is much better than we expected. The apartment is attached to a family house with volunteers. If we wanted we could get all of our meals there for free and there is also a maid that will wash our clothes... for 5 nuevo sol , which exchanges to 2 dollars. We already have met some really cool people that are volunteering here. The school has salsa lessons every Saturday night, plus there is a salsa club down the street that has lessons every night, so watch out. There was also a part at the school for the TEFL program that was before us, we were able to attend and had free food and drinks! The food is so good here, yesterday for lunch we had chicken and potato soup. The chicken that was in the soup was feet, heart, and I think neck... but we were not sure, it was very good! We have just been exploring the city which is amazing and beautiful.


Anna said...

Hey Guys! Glad to hear things are going well. I look forward to seeing some of those salsa moves when you get back! Have a blast and be safe.

Julie said...

It's nice your living conditions are 'better than you thought' and the laundry service is available. I like your 'blog' - I can visit anytime I want to and not wait for any phone calls! Love, MOM

Mike O said...

You had laundry service cheaper than that at your Mom's.
I wanted to have a beer with you before you left but had air travel problems getting out of Baltimore Thur night.
Safe Travels!
Cade & Devin say "Hi" and "they're where?"

Luke said...

I am glad that you made it safely and that things are better than you hoped. I passed on the blog link to PJ (over in Ireland) Have fun, be carefull and take lots of pictures.


Emily said...

Hey travelers. One of the swim team dads is going to South Korea tomorrow for 4 weeks. I am going to have his wife give me the inside scoop. I will forward the info onto you guys. I might help. Lots of love from Emily, Ben, Nuts & Rosey

Marty H. said...

Hey you all, I'm glad to hear that you made it safe and sound down there. It great to hear about the aparment then what you had told us all. Well interview at the gold couse had to be change to another day. So I shold be getting the call in today sometime. I miss you guys. Love, Your Brother