Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Sacred Valley and the world of teaching English!!!

On Sunday Jay and I went on the Sacred Valley tour, which was an all day event. We first went outside of Cusco to a Large market called Pisaq which was great, We bought somke great things. The picture in the previous post of the children and the Alpaca is a very common sight. They pose for pictures and you give them 1 sole, which is about 30 cents. They are very hard to resist, expecially if they are holding a baby goat. We then had a fabulous buffet lunch, where we had free Pisco Sours (becoming one of our favorite drinks) it is an alcoholic drink with brandy, Pisco, cinnamon, and egg whites. Sort of tast like a margarita! We then saw some great Inca Ruines and climbed to about 13, 500 feet. We went up about 10 stairs and our hearts were beating hard and we were gasping for breath. It really makes you feel out of shape. Cusco is about 11,000 feet, so you can have a better understanding. The tour was great, very well worth it.
We found out that under our school at Maximo Nivel, there is a brothel, which at about 8 pm you can smell the incense coming up the stairs and you may see some bleach blond Peruvians walking in from the street.
Saturday Jay and I took salsa lessons and wow is that hard. We actually got really good. THe teacher was impressed with us and he said he will have us dancing like locals by the end. So maybe I am hopeful to be a decent dancer.
Yesterday during class, Jay and I did our first mini-lesson in front of 8 non English speaking Peruvians. The lessons were only 25 minutes which made it really hard. But I really think Jay and I did really well. He taught them about table football (the game kids play when they are bored in class) and I taught them about genres of music.
Well we have another day of class, much more adventures to come!

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