Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Getting into the groove of things!

Things are getting very easy for us here, we almost feel like locals. WE can get around town easily, my Spanish is getting much better, Jay can say a few things here and there. Last week was full of class, not too much to report there. WE have been studying grammar, oh wow, my English teachers sure did leave out a lot. We are experts on grammar now! (lie and lay, those are completely different) The word get has 14 different meaning, all of this is very hard for someone who is trying to learn English and we take it all for granted.
This weekend was a fun, relaxing weekend. On Saturday we hiked up to the ruins above Cusco called Sacayhuman, actaully pronounced Sexy Woman, it doesn't mean that though. These are Inca ruins, and for you do get an idea of of how old these, all of these ruins were built in the early 13th century, WOW!!!! It was a very hard hike up, I would say we hikled a total of 10 miles on Saturday, up and down a mountain that is 12,000 feet up. Going down is almost as hard as going up. We took an empanada picnic, bread stuffed with queso (cheese) or carne (meet and onions) THey have become one of our favorite things to eat. At Sacayhuman there are rock slides that were made during the Incas. These are not a tourist attraction, but are super fun to slide down and actually fairly fast for rock.
Sunday we planned on going to a soccer game but that didn't work out as planned, they were actually playing in Lima, unfortunately. We had a relaxing day as well. We bought bootleg DVD's for 4 soles which equals about $1.20. All of these movies are still in the movie theatres in the States, such as Bourne Supremacy and the 5th Harry Potter. So if you would like a movie, I think we can afford it.
Yesterday Jay and I taught out first English lesson for 1 hour. It was a little nerve racking but we both did very well. It is much different than teaching any other class, I actaully came out with a smile. The purpose of an ESL class (English as a Second Language) is to have the students talk as much as possible and you hardly talk at all.
We are going to Macchu Picchu this weekend and we are very excited. Tomorrow night we have party/fundraiser for the earthquake victims, which should be really fun, Free drinks for an hour!
Well we really feel comfortable here but we are still on the hunt for a job after this, wish us luck!


Anna said...

Hola! You guys look and sound like you are having a blast... and maybe have a few splinters in peculiar places after that slide! I definitely voted for where you guys should go... GO FIGURE, I PICKED GREECE! how awesome would that be. I will say my vote is very biased, I have always wanted to go there! Good luck on your long hike to Monchu Picchu (spelling). Love ya both!

Lyndsey said...

hey hey! awesome idea about putting the experiences you both are having on here. i loved the pictures and reading about everything. we'll have to catch up more soon. i miss you both!

Julie said...

Enjoy Macho Piccho - I'm going to enjoy Charleston, SC with some good friends- Do they celebrate Labor Day? Be safe - Love, MOM