Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bringing in the New Year

Well, Jay and I are bringing in the New Year in another country. This past year has been fairly eventful for the both of us and I guess you could say we didn't really take the easy path. We first lived in Charlotte, got married, moved to Peru, homeless and jobless for about 2 months, and here we are in Taiwan teaching English and we actaully have a place we can call our own and a job...... So we have come a long way in one year....hopefully for the rest of our years together we aren't thinking "WOw, that first year was the best I wish we could go back" I hope every year gets more exciting with everything that we have planned, I am sure it will.
Our New Years Eve was not very eventful. We had to teach till 9pm then get some dinner. That was pretty interesting. We have a hot pot restuarant near our house. Hot pots are the big thing in Taiwan. There is a burner at your table and they put a pot of water with vegetables in it, with whatever else you would like in it. Jay and I have been to some fairly good hot pots but this one is always a little interesting. Since there isn't an English menu, no matter what we have ordered there we always end up getting black chicken, not bad but just doesn't look very good. Anyways we have made friends with the owners which I believe to be some sort of Taiwanese mafia (no joke) Fortunately they love us, but they are a little intimidating. THey always want to talk and give us lots of beer. The main mafia man who has this mole on his face and hairs that come out of it that are about 2 inches long. He actaully kissed Jay on the check. Haha I was very amused. Well thats where we spent out New Years Eve dinner, we came back to our apt for the ball to drop and we watched it on TV. WE got a bottle of very good Italian champagne and popped the top at midnight. Taipei 101 has an amazing fireworks display. Then we went on our roof and watched all the other fireworks in Taichung. So anyways hope everyone had an amazing New Year.

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Whitney said...

Hope that you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...I'm sure they will just keep getting better.