Sunday, January 20, 2008

Crash and more.......

We are so glad that you all still enjoy reading abour our adventures. I don't think Allie was trying to be mean even though it might of come across as a little hostel. It has been almost a week since the last post and of course new and exciting things have happened.
I had my first scooter accident Friday night while picking up Allie at her branch. Don't worry I am fine, it was more like a bicycle accident when you were little. I was turning into her branch and taking a left, while a women came from behind and just t-boned me. I helped her up and before I knew it she was gone. It was her fault and I guess she was just trying to get out of there before the cops came, only if she knew I couldn't speak any chinese. It was just a little embarrising since all of the kids parents, and the chinese teachers were outside talking about me.
We went to The Hash, this past Saturday. It was a nice run about 30 minutes out of the city, of course in the mountains. It was a hot day and the run started in the mountains which gave us some cover from the sun, but most of the run ended up being on pavement with no cover. The run was around seven miles and was all up hill or down hill. There were some really great views like all of the runs in the past. After the run and the party we went out to eat with most of the expereinced hashers. It was a simple noodle meal (which was better than anything I have ever had in the states) but what struck me was that the guys kept on drinking. Allie and I had a few more drinks but when they dropped us off at our scooter we were ready for bed and they were going to a resturant/ bar to keep going. We got to know the people which all of them are amazing and really friendly. For example Allie forgot her wallet in the persons car that we got a ride with, and the next day he had called our boss's boss's boss at hess who had our number that then called us just to let us know he had it and not to worry. He also left a note at our apartment. This was all done before noon. The people are just great people to know here in Taiwan.
Sunday consisted of a huge Hess end of the year banquet (Chinese new years is in Febuary so it is still 96). It lasted from 10:30 to 3:30 so it was a little long. But we had free food which was like a 10 course meal not 5, and some free wine. They raffled off prizes but Allie and I have not worked long enough to even have our name in the drawing but they did give every one lottery ticket, so wish me luck:) I might come home early and retire:)
Alright for the next blog it is looking like people want us to talk about teaching in Taiwan, but higher up authority (Allie's dad) has bidded for us to write about Taiwanese food and since he helped with the purchase of this computer we are writing on I think we will go with that first and then Teaching in Taiwan. So be looking for that in the next couple of days we have to do some research.


Blackmountain Dad said...

Jay, First, Glad your bike spill was not a bad one. I must admit the scooter is my biggest worry. Sometimes an easy spill make you more cautious.Second, I look forward to the food need to pick up some new dishes to try out on us. The hash sounds like a great outlet, beware the British, never try to out drink will lose.

Paul said...

Crash sounds fun. I'm glad it wasn't like my bike crash when I was going 40mph. Also, it is possible to out drink Brits. I have done it on a couple of occasions now. But this is also coming from the guy who drank with Russians this past spring. Sounds like you two are having a blast and I am now super jealous because you two and DT have now set off for other countries, and I'm regretting my decisions not to go with you. But oh well. Starting the new job soon and will be saving up to travel later on this year to the Caribbean and hopefully a couple other countries. Best wishes