Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Getting in the Groove

Long time since our last blog...I think people have lost interest or I am wondering if people had any interest in the first place in reading the adventures of Jay and Allie so instead of just giving you the run down of what Jay and I have done.....from now on I think we will give a brief overview of our undertakings unless otherwise needed and then give you some interesting facts about Taiwan or this side of the world in general. We will let you tell us what you would be interested in reading from now on the blog is in your is up to you to make it worth reading or worth forgetting and deleting from Your favorites list.
Well the past few weeks have been filled with the usual teaching days and a few performances for the parents where our children sing songs, read stories and do some dialogue with some prizes at the end. These are always a hit.
Then of course the highlight of our week for the past two weeks has been experiencing the Hash House Harriers. I know some of you had a hard time understanding the concept and rules of a hash house harrier and because of that I am going to give you the website of our Hash so you can see a better understanding of what goes on it is :

Well this week we went about an hour outside the city again but a different direction than the last one. It was one of the hottest days we have had yet in Taiwan and of course the distance that was planned for today was approximately a 15k=9.3 miles. It was about 80-85 degrees. Distance is never exact because if you saw the terrain we run across you would never understand how they found it or even why the person marking the trail though it was a good idea to run through that area or sometimes how is it even possible to run through an area. Yet again we climbed robes, ran across fallen bamboo, down a creek bed, up and down cliffs, on a major highway...but the interesting thing about this one was that we actaully ran through an old. almost seemingly abandoned temple. It consisted of caves. Before the run the Hares told us to take our own flashlight, very much needed in the pitch black caves. Its amazing that in Taiwan it seems like a very typical thing to build the most beautiful things in the most remote areas so no one can experience them except of course crazy drunk runners. NOt only did we run through that but we also ran through a definate abandoned amusement park. The trail led us through an old haunted house which had a broken down cart that we hopped in and had people push us through the house....THat was sooooo fun!!! Who would have thought an amusemetn park could be more fun when there is nothing working!
The run was over and this time I came in first women which gives me the name for the time being of "Front Running Bitch" not too bad because all that really happens is I get to drink more...oh and I think next time i have to wear the beaver skin underwear over my running shorts, if someone else beats me then I can pass the beaver skin to them and they are dubbed" Front Running Bitch" and have to wear the fashionable underwear while they run!!!
The rest of the weekend was quite. Unfortunately I do not have pictures to show you our experiences because I thought someone stole my camera and fortunately the nice Taiwanese people found it so all is well. I will make up for the lack of pictures soon!!
Don't forget to vote on the poll because that will determine what you read next. I hope people still read this thing but if not I guess we will find out soon.

The only picture I have is one of a very interesting combination of things: A 7-11, a KTV (karokee bar) and what looks like a Christian church (This is a Buddhist country)


hbrodell said...

I love reading your blog. Have not figured out how to respond, am going to try know. Bill and I are off to Florida this afternoon for work and to see Grandad for 5 days. Will be a nice visit. Hope this finds you doing well.
Love Bill and Holly

Carissa said...

You both inspire me to travel. I read your blogs for an escape while I've been sitting in class for hours on end. It's so great to see the two of you starting your lives together and having so many exciting adventures. It truly is inspiring and gives me hope. I especially love the photos.


Ann said...

I love reading about your adventures! And, I stole your idea for a counter ;) Thanks! I, too, am getting frustrated by the lack of comments on our blog, so at least it's nice to know if anyone is reading it or not! Good luck guys, and thanks for the advice!

Blackmountain Dad said...

I love the blog and am living vicarisouly through your adventures. Keep writing & taking pictures-I wish we had a better record of our travels when you were younger.

Karen Keever said...

Keep up the blog and keep in the stuff about you guys, that's what makes it interesting. Allie's Mom

Emily said...

finally I think I am going to be able to leave this message. I have been trying to remember my password to log in so I can leave you two a comment. Keet blogging. We read them and love them but I finally figured out how to reply to them. Love you both and I think I figured out skpe too. did you hear me calling at 3 in the morning? Emily