Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The thing that keeps you going... FOOD

The one thing that is really good maybe with just a little little complaint is the food. Taiwan has all different types of food, and Taichung being a large city has everything you can want. We will start with the usual and move toward the bizzar.

Taiwan has all the fast food resturants from dunkin donuts to KFC. Plus their Seven Eleven has a lot of food just like we are used to (hot dog and slurpies) but they also make spagetti and baby backribs (I have not tried the ribs there is just something about 711 and ribs). So for the people with weak stomaches you can still servive. There are also Chilie's and Friday's that you could go to for a little higher up American food.

There are some food that Taiwan is famous for. They have really good beef noodles, which I know my dad would love. They of course are hand made noodles that are amazing, with beef broth and some vegetables (mostly chives and peppers), but the beef is just like a tender roast beef that mom would make in her crock pot. It really just melts in your mouth. Allie and I know a great place that we get two big bowls for just 60nt or $1.75 US dollars. Another dish is called the hot pot. For this dish you will never find in the States because of law suits. Basical it comes with a hot plate and water. You crank up the hot plate so that the water starts to boil, then you start putting in your plate of vegetables ( cabage, all different types of mushrooms, pumpkin, peppers, and anything else you can want). You can order meat also and this is where the law suits will come in to play. You have to cook the meat as long or as short as you want. When you are done cooking your vegetables and meat you are left with a great soup that was made not by a cook but by you so if it is not good you can't send it back. This can be a cheap meal or really expensive it just matters what you want to put into the hot pot and where you go. There is a similar dish that they call japanese BBQ They also give you vegetables and any type of raw meat to cook but beside a pot of boiling water they bring you a small grill with live red hot coals in a grill. They put it on you table and a cup of water so if the fire gets to hot (i don't know what they think a small cup of what will do but oh well). If you didn't know Taiwan people are not lazy, they like to go out to eat and still do all the work.

Some of the more.... hum..... what can I call this section.... interesting, adventurous, in other words I have not tried this food yet and if anyone knows me... I will try anything at least once expecially food. Most of this food you will find one the side of the road (in a stand, laying on the groud) or at a night market. The first one is stinky tofu, and yes it really stinkes!! It smells like hot feet after a long day of running or playing baseball (for all my baseball buddies when we shares a hotel room there is something that smells worse than your baseball socks and you know who I am talking about). You can get this fried, baked, or boiled. I don't know what it taste like but once I try it, which I will sometime, I will tell you. They also have different types of eggs, they are still chicken eggs just different ways of cooking them. Ones that are good are called tea eggs. They are just hard boiled eggs that are soaked in tea (still with the shell on them) that give the egg flavor. The eggs that I have not tried is called "the hundred year old egg". No it is not really a hundred years old egg, but it sounds worse. I don't know how most peolpe make them but the old traditional way, which is still practiced by many people, goes a little something like this. Take some chicken eggs and bury them into the ground. Once they are in the ground you take horse pee (yes I said horse pee) and water the gound just like you do a plant. You continue that process for about a month to three months, hell if you want to do it for six I don't think you will ruin it any more. Then you uncover them clean them with horse piss and eat them up. I don't think I will try that one so don't worry I wont bring this receipe home for Christmas dinner. The one question about the hundred year old eggs is who and how did some one think of it.

There are still hundreds and thousands of foods that I didn't talk about it would just take to long. There are resturants that make traditional food form many Eastern Asian countries. The one thing I know is I really ruined all the Chinese resturants back in the States.


Whit & Lindsay said...

I love reading about food! Your cuisine sounds a little different from our food in Korea. As far as I know we don't clean with horse pee. But then again I stopped asking questions a long time ago. Ignorance can be bliss.
Glad you are both doing well and survived the scooter crash.

Karen Keever said...

We need to eat some stinky tofu when I come, The food guy on TV says it is not as bad as it smells. Allie's Mom

Luke said...


Luke said...

You better ask Ben about the stinky tofu before you try it. I love reading about your adventures. It sounds like the whole Hash thing is an excuse to get drunk, but it does look and sound fun. Stay safe.


hbrodell said...

I agree with Luke. Long run then drink. You are alot braver than I would be with the food. Keep the strange recipes in Taiwan. Love reading your stories.
Keep safe.
Love Aunt Holly

Julie said...

I'm not sure if you are actually eating well??? although it seems like you have found 'the beer'! I'll appreciate any recipes for Christmas dinner - but let's skip any egg dishes. Allie are you learning to cook some specialties? Love you both alot, work hard and keep being adventurous!?! Love, MOM

Julie said...

Jay I cannot figure out my passcode and id!!! I have sent a message and it does not publish. I'll have to figure this out. Does anyone else have this problem??? Love, MOM